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James Attending Develop Me’s Coding Fellowship was a great decision. The instructors are excellent and have a deep knowledge of each of the topics they are teaching. Being able to talk through your coding with someone that is so experienced really is invaluable. A lot of the course content is based on real- world projects which was extremely useful as pretty much everything that was taught was of real value. Oli and Pete, the course directors, are very helpful and supportive throughout and do an excellent job of structuring each week. They are also keen to get you involved in the many meet-ups and after work events that happen around Bristol. I have recently started my placement with a Bristol- based company and have so far found the areas learnt in the course to be very relevant to say the least! I'm also enjoying the culture change with the company which is a million miles away from my previous job. All in all, I can fully recommend the Coding Fellowship- it delivers on every aspect.