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If you're willing to put the time and energy into learning, Dev Bootcamp is a great way to learn the basics of web development. They really focus on teaching you how to learn indepently, with help when you need it. The first nine weeks help you get a feel for the basics of Ruby and setting up your development space, which help you easily transition into the more intensive nine weeks on site. It also helps you decide if this is something for you before you actually quit your job and go all in. The structure of the nine weeks on site is helpful, as you build up your Ruby skills before learning the basics of Rails and then dive right in to your final project. After you finish, the career coaches help you hone your message as to why a company should hire you and perfect the cold outreach that will help get you a job. The one thing they could work on is getting more reliable companies on their employer platform, as there most of them never got back to me or were looking for devs with more experience. Saying that, I did get an apprentice developer job seven weeks after graduating thanks to the other career services they offer!