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Sean Renton I was hesitant at first because I had applied to another boot camp and it seemed as though I needed to have a great deal of knowledge in programming before I even started. I'm glad I took the risk though. Rob was a great instructor and really helped me to learn quickly and efficiently! Through the first four weeks I wondered if I would be able to succeed because the material was hard and the class is very fast paced but each week that followed after our mid term I got better and better until it finally all clicked for me during our finals week. Rob was very helpful during that week and although I knew the material it helped to have someone to help remind me and encourage me throughout the finals process. Quickly after school I locked down a job working as a full stack developer using the mean stack and it has changed my life tremendously. If you really feel you would enjoy a career in programming and are willing to always push yourself to learn new things then this boot camp is perfect for you!