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Dario Santacruz 42's piscine is brutal, and it should be. It is a month where you learn how to program in C without using the standard library. Yes, I know this sounds weird, and senseless. What is the point of half-learning something? Well, the point of the 42 piscine is not creating "full stack engineers who are ready to hire and make professional WordPress websites in 4 weeks" because: A) there are plenty of those schools out there. B) It is nice in theory, but being a one trick pony is not beneficial to anyone in the long run. And C) Because this bootcamp is not just a coding bootcamp, it is a filter for students who want to get into the 3-5 year long program to see if they can do it, and if they actually like programming (how many times you go into college wanting to be a doctor and finish doing something completely different?). On 42 you don't have teachers, you have the computer and your classmates to fill in those gaps. You will learn from them, and you will teach to them, there is no better way to learn and there is no other way to learn when you get to the real job market, is there? Even if you don't make it or if you decide not to come to 42, the piscine will teach you to be self sufficient as a CS learner, to work in team, to understand the basics of C, to examine your code thoroughly ,and to deal with frustration (you will have to come to understand this one). I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the piscine is not for the weak. Many, MANY people drop out by day 1, and as time goes by more and more students drop out, sometimes even a third of the piscine is gone by the end. But 42 offers you an opportunity no other school out there gives you: Free education at no costs, no shenanigans, no "10% of your paycheck for the first 3 years". If you get a job on year one on the program and you don't want to come back. Fine by them. If you come back, you are welcome to. The catch is there is no catch.