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Chris Williams I was a Data Analyst with some programming background at a financial botique. I was looking for a career transformation with future in target. One of my team leads suggested career in AI, started looking into it and found IDS as it was referred by a friend too. I got trained in python for 4 weeks crash course as it was a prereq. for Deep Learning. I finally signed up for AI Deep Learning. Instructor was a gem, boosted confidence and sounded very confident, soft spoken though, Very knowledgeable and gauged my level of python and taught me in the same frequency. I strongly recommend IDS Deep Learning online training programme. Current situation is that I am interviewing with large banks in NYC and have been short listed for final in person interview following Monday.
Anonymous I was one of four persons (a fifth one was a student/instructor) that signed up for the first Artificial intelligence bootcamp from Ivy Data Science and I would like to warn anyone interested to stay away from this company. The bootcamp was completely unorganized, the curriculum was not vetted by any expert, and the lab instructor was actually hired only two weeks before the bootcamp was supposed to start and did not have enough time to prepare for the course. The start date was also delayed multiple times without reason or warning. The original date that the bootcamp was supposed to start was early November. The start date was then pushed back multiple times, and finally started January 30. If they are delaying the start date of this bootcamp, listen to your guts and stay away from this bootcamp and company. The bootcamp was not organized at all and the curriculum they present on their website is purely fictional. After the first week, the instructor for the theory lessons was fired. For the following weeks, we were left to self-teach and study on the relevant topics amongst ourselves. At the end of week 1, we were all complaining on how the bootcamp was going, and they promised to fix issues and provide appropriate support for our learning, which did not happen. With the help of the lab instructor we tried to make it work and learn as much as possible, but the management never came through with any support for theory, software engineering or DevOps. During week 7 and 8 we started to battle with the management; weeks 9 to 12 were supposed to be paid projects and remote work but those never materialized and we demanded more instruction time to make up for the deficiencies showed by their bootcamp. At this point, what was still a civil relationship became hostile. We demanded support and they responded by asking us to sign non-disclosure agreements to avoid having us write reviews about what happened. The CEO was especially abusive to anyone questioning the quality of the bootcamp. This bootcamp was the worst decision of my life, and to this day the rest of the students and I are still struggling to either finish our training or get our money back. This is the bootcamp to go to if you want to waste your time, money, and energy.