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Trevor So I went to a coding bootcamp… It was awesome! CodingNomads delivered on so much more than I thought possible. Here are the reasons to attend: -Ryan (the instructor) and Kim (admin and wife) are great people and care about your success. -Ryan is a real life software engineer with lots of experience, not an intern, not recently graduated. He knows his stuff, and he’s there with you every day. -You learn Java, SQL, and AWS. These are core technologies that are in demand! Don’t take my word for it, Google it. --> most used programming language, most used database language, most used cloud platform. -This course is less expensive than most. -You get to travel to an awesome location with other people that are doing the exact same thing! -Travelling to a new country (or at least away from where you live) gives you all the opportunity to focus on what you’re there to do. This isn’t the right place for a life story or the answers to all the questions you most likely have, but I’d be happy to share. CodingNomads has my email and can put you touch. And if you’re interested in a coding bootcamp at all, you should really reach out to Ryan and Kim. They’re super genuine people and will definitely help fill in a lot of the details.