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Brian Hays I was hesitant at first, because I signed up for the RefactorU bootcamp in Boulder. Once I found out that it was the same instructors, curriculum and career services for a cheaper price I was onboard. Our cohort was only 5 people, which I think turned out to be very beneficial. We all got plenty of one-on-one time with instructors and career services. I feel the curriculum is laid out well and our instructor, Rob, was great at making everything relatable and helping us whenever we had questions or became stuck. Rob knew how to best help each and everyone of us and did not only teach us the way he thought was best. There are many different ways to solve a problem when it comes to development and Rob encouraged us to figure out the way that works best for us. Like most things, I believe you really get out what you put in. Before the bootcamp begins there is roughly 40 hours worth of pre-work, the pre-work helped to jump start the learning and helped to get acclaimed to the fast paced learning that happens throughout the course. During the bootcamp there were assignments that were meant to help understand the topics and get use to the day to day problem solving that developers have to go through. Along with the daily lectures and assignments, we also had a midterm project, two group hackathons and a final. These projects were great because it gave us real experience. The group projects taught us how to work in a development team and all of the projects gave us real coding experience. Through these projects we were able to come out of bootcamp with something to show during interviews and something to put in our portfolios. I read many reviews about bootcamps all over the country before I selected DeVry and one of the things that I noticed was lacking in a lot of bootcamps was the career services. Our cohort got great career counseling while we were attending DeVry, and continues even after we graduated. I am in constant contact with Scott, our career counselor. We communicate via online chat and meet almost weekly for coffee. Scott sends out a lot of job openings every week and is very helpful in preparing for interviews and answering any questions that I have. I think that this is one of the biggest advantages of having a small cohort. I am not sure if DeVry will be offering the full-time, Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp, but if they are, do yourself a huge favor and sign up. Even if the full-time option is no longer available, I would encourage you to speak with someone about the DeVry Bootcamp. The instructors and career services personnel are great and will help you everyday. We did not have much face to face interaction with upper management, but they are available and are determined to make the bootcamp work for everyone.