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Shoeb At Growth X Academy, Growth Marketing is synonymous to Elevation of critical skills required in today's dynamic & always changing job market. Every six months we hear about new job positions that never existed. Some of these new positions are the highest paying jobs out there in their respective fields. For example Growth Manager, Growth Hacker, Data Story Teller, Data Visualization Artist, Content Manager, SEO Specialist and so on, are titles that have emerged in the past 5-8 years and the demand for such personnel is much higher than supply. Roles-every-marketing-organization-needs-now Therefore the critical question is how do we equip ourselves with such a diverse skill set in the least amount of time. There are various programs at universities that superficially touch upon these skills, but a Real job requires in depth knowledge. Moreover by the time someone graduates from a university program, chances are that the market no longer needs those acquired skills. Hence it is very important to be agile and react quickly to changing needs. Growth X Academy is the one stop shopping center for all the Technical, Business, & Social skill sets needed for professional success. As per marketing conventions, most products & services are named after either the benefit they provide or the mission the organization believes in. The Growth X Academy & Community live up to their brand and values in all respects and they truly are a catalyst for professional and personal growth. My experience at Growth X Academy has been enjoyable and my learning curve has attained new heights in just a matter of 90 days. It was an honor to be mentored and taught by veterans in the field of entrepreneurship. Thank you Will Bunker, Sean Sheppard , & Hitesh Parashar for identifying the industry knowledge gaps and creating this wonderful experience; Growth X Academy.