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GoBadgers I enjoyed the Vital Accelerator program very much. I was able to manage the schedule easily, and the combination of live learning and on demand was awesome. So much to learn, it is amazing. I was able to go back through the recordings of my classes when I was studying for my exams, as well as learning from the on demand stuff whenever I wanted to. I actually failed one of my exams on the first try (don't judge me!, lol), and they helped me get ready for the next time and I passed then. It didn't cost me anything to take the exam again, and they didn't make me feel bad or anything. The people there are very nice, professional and helpful. It does take a lot of self-discipline though. YOU have to want it, and be willing to work for it, sometimes on your own. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs something that is flexible, yet high-quality.