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Yovalice Having the opportunity to learn Java, SQL and AWS, traveling to a new place, meeting new people and paying less than in most bootcamp is something you can't miss. The CodingNomads bootcamp is very well organized and teach what you will need to be a successful junior software engineer. Ryan, the instructor has a lot of experience in software engineer and really love to teach so you can be sure that you will learn even when things get really difficult because Ryan will kindly explain things as much as is needed, you will be studying in your free time, you will be doing a lot of homework and most important you will be coding. It takes a lot of work but you can be sure it will be worthy. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude towards Ryan and Kim. They are successful young people, they have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share that with everyone. If you are looking for an amazing affordable bootcamp to learn to code, you should do this one with CodingNomads.