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Jonathan Jardim GrowthX Academy is the total package. They provided me with great curated content in the course plan, access to an amazing network of tech sales mentors, hands-on experience working in a real startup, and assisted me with getting a job. In fact, I already had two job offers before I finished (and I hadn’t even applied anywhere yet!). These opportunities came from connections I made in the program. The classes were intense and there were myriad articles and books to read. By the end, I had a fundamental understanding of the revenue function of a growing technology company. I learned everything from business model canvas, finding product-market fit, SaaS unit economics, Spin Selling/Challenger Sales/BANT/Strategic Selling, Sales Management and a lot more! What I really liked is that they emphasized that personal growth is not separate from professional growth and had us do a lot of self-discovery projects as well. The network that you get plugged into by joining GrowthX Academy is unreal. I was able to attend two Sales Conferences as part of the program with Sean Sheppard, the Sales & BD instructor. He is very well connected and just walking around with him at the conferences allowed me to meet and connect with multiple sales leaders. There were also a lot of impressive mentors that came in and guest lectured throughout the program. I really enjoyed my time at GrowthX Academy and am happy to say that it doesn’t stop here. They are creating a community of professionals and mentors that keeps on growing. I plan on staying connected and will continue to receive value from the program and network well into the future.