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Mikey Onglao I'm a fresh graduate from Manila that recently moved to the Bay Area. Coming here, I knew I wanted to work in the tech industry. I had a dream but I didn't have a concrete strategy to achieve it. And so, I took the step towards enrolling in GrowthX Academy. It was single-handedly the best decision I made then because now I'm living my dream. Prior to joining GrowthX, I was exposed to the possibility of joining other bootcamps. During the process of choosing, I had encounters with a lot of bootcamps that were too profit-oriented and unprofessional. I couldn't see myself in that sort of "boot camp". Which is a huge reason why I decided to choose GrowthX over the rest. Aside from its superb curriculum, the sense of community in the academy is unlike any other. From the first phone calls I had with them to the lectures in class, you can really feel that these people really cared about your career and your personal growth. In two words, the unique experience you can have in GrowthX would be the "collaborative culture". I enrolled under the sales division of GrowthX and my mentor was Sean Sheppard. He and the rest of the team at GrowthX have been nothing but phenomenal as instructors, as mentors, as friends, and everything in between. They really see the potential in you and really help push you to unlock that potential. The curriculum is fantastic with the perfect mix of theoretical and practical lessons to help train you to excel in your desired field. Looking back now, the three months I spent learning from everyone around me in GrowthX flew by so fast, but I can honestly say that I feel very prepared and confident that I will be able to excel in my career. And one of the best things about joining GrowthX is that even when you finish the program, the sense of community is so strong, that you'd want to come back and visit to help the newer students or even just have a chat with the staff about how happy you are in your new career. I highly recommend joining the GrowthX community if you want to take control of your career!