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Rayk I started The Firehose Project in Feb. 2017 with the intention to change careers and develop my existing programming skills to a professional level. Before I joined the programm, I did a lot of research on what would be the best coding bootcamp for me, and I was straight away overwhelmed with the options that I had. So after spending a good 2 weeks going through reviews, blog posts and even starting some of the free coding camps out there, I decided to go all in. I quite my job as an Engineer and started the Firehose Project. It soon turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in my professional career so far. The reason for choosing the Firehose Project were mostly related to their preperation course and a personal interview before the actual course started. I could ask all the questions I had to a 'real person' (not only watching a recorded Youtube video as with some other boot camps out there) and got a good idea of what the real course would look like by going through the preparation. In addition to that, The Firehose Project's curriculum included not only lessons about Ruby, jQuery, CSS/HTML etc. but also hours and hours on algorithms andTest Driven Development (TDD). I am now in the last 2 weeks of the course and currently involved in a remote agile team project. After endless hours of coding, mentorship and reminders from my wife to eat, shower and sleep, I can now say: Through The Firehose Project, my passion for coding transformed from an initial spark into a wild fire. Looking back, I never would have thought that I learn as much as I did within just a couple of month. Thanks to the two founders Ken and Marco who are constantly helping their students (via weekly office hours, slack chat as well as via email and as mentors), I am now confident not only to enter the real life coding world (and they even prepare you for that with a big job preperation at the end of the course) but have also already started to help out other coding students. If you asked me if I chose them again , I'd say: without hesitation!