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Pragya Singh I really was looking​ to upskill myself and get better opportunities in my marketing field. Was going through Quora and read about Internstreet. I joined after some research, I completed the course in 2 months, worked on some projects. Liked it basically for these reasons: • Mentoring, it's something unique about them. • Projects: what other course makes you work for a project before proceeding to next unit? This was the best. • Connection: As I was really interested in the Digital Marketing and enthusiastic about the company, I decided to associate with them and they welcomed me. Now, I do freelancing in Digital Marketing and am associated with Internstreet too. My experience with Internstreet was really nice. I took the digital marketing course of 8 weeks, and have recently completed it. They were launching the digital marketing program so, I got a good discount. Even if I haven't got the discount it would have been worth my money. Best part was working on my blog from the first day it self and improving and marketing it along with the preceding modules. Mentors supported me whenever I needed. They even provided more than one call per week as I was having some problems to understand WordPress in start. At the end of it I was delighted by their commitment and allocating time within 1 day, for me whenever I wanted. However, course track web-page can be improved and they should introduce tests at the end of the course