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Ashley Zappitell I was accepted into multiple different boot camps which I then toured//observed classes. I choose GX Academy because I felt I entered a family vs a business trying to churn money, which has stayed true even after my completion of the program. During my course work at GX Academy, I was supported in all ways possible even when I completed the Growth Marketing program and wanted to obtain a job doing customer success. The continuous support was very helpful considering I just had made a cross-country move from Atlanta to San Francisco to make my career change. I really enjoyed the real-life application of my education when I was paired with my internship at Abl Schools. This gave me the experience I need to properly dive into my new career at an EdTech start-up. I would recommend GX Academy to everyone trying to further their education; It is a much faster and a better use of funds than going back to receive a traditional degree. I had already obtained a bachelor degree in chemistry and a master degree in secondary education//chemistry, therefore I didn't want to go back and obtain another traditional degree. This was perfect for me!