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Michelle Anne Ng Alpha Camp provided me the necessary basic skills and knowledge I needed for my work as a Marketing Manager in a mid-size company. In these days and age, marketing is no longer just offline ; rather it is an integration of both offline and online. Hence, this is one course that is good in equipping marketeers to master digital marketing know-how, jargons and technical knowledge on analysis so that one can be a better marketer in this fast-changing consumer world. At Alpha Camp, I am assured with the qualified trainers who are dedicated and willing to share their experiences and know-how. The staff and founder are very professional and committed, often asking the students for feedback to better improve themselves. Kudos to team Alpha Camp. It has been a very insightful journey. As Bernard, founder of ALpha Camp said "there is no graduation as these days it is all about lifelong learning. Completing Alpha Camp is just the tip of the iceberg to gaining more knowledge about digital marketing and analytics. Thanks Alpha Camp.