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Hwee Sze Teo Alpha Camp is a good starting point for people who are looking to embark on a career path in digital marketing, but don't know really what's out there to look for. I came into Alpha Camp with zero knowledge about the Digital Marketing scene and a vague plan to 'see' if it is a viable option as a potential career after graduating from university. As with the other students, I graduated with both foundational knowledge and experience in applying tools needed by effective marketers to track, analyse and improve on campaigns. On a personal note, I have gained a clearer picture of how to plan ahead for my career path more effectively, with a set intention to pursue digital marketing upon graduation. It is a wonderful environment to build your network with and learn, as the A.C team are extremely dedicated to helping students, as long as you seek for it. (Thank you Joe, Tim, Russell and Bernard for the guidance!) More than just a crash course, this course emphasises on learning by DOING, which is really what is needed to truly internalise and learn optimally. Albeit an intensive curriculum, it was an extremely fulfilling and motivating 3-months that truly made my summer holiday from uni truly fruitful.