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Aidan Harvey I went to OCCS straight out of high school after falling in love with programming during my senior project. My girlfriend found out about it while looking into hack reactor and encouraged me to apply. The same day I got a call fro Ron and eventually I was accepted! I moved from Northern California down to Irvine for the 12 weeks of the camp and I couldn't recommend it more. I was not the best student in high school but OCCS really helped me develop my passion fro coding into a career I can be proud of! At 19 and with no college experience whatsoever, I landed a job working at a startup in SF where I am a vital team member and have done all the server-side programming for several major features! This bootcamp will change your life for the better and if you want to get right into the workforce or even refresh your skills, this is the place to go. They teach the latest version of JavaScript and Node. I even taught the CTO who I work closely with a thing or two! The projects you make during the camp are more than enough to get your foot in the door in many places, especially when amazing camps like this one keep giving coding bootcamps the name they deserve. I could not recommend OCCS more! Ron is super helpful even after the camp and his guidance helped me land an above average salary!