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Jordan Hires This course allowed me to better understand the application used on a daily basis. I built a strong background learning how to install and configure computers and with this program I now understand how they all work. I was nervous at first, but the instructors were all great and I do not regret my decision. The Career advisors could do a little better with students and properly assiting them but again the program itself will alone help you. Building and creating are both ways to not only explore information but to instill real world applications that showcase and are used on a glabal scale, which is pretty amazing considering. Great overall experience.
Sharyn Finney New coders can quickly become advanced coders in this coding boot camp! The camp's curriculum is designed to help students overcome the stress of learning about the overwhelming number of coding languages, coding techniques, and complex terms used in the field of web development and computer programming. The coding boot camp shows students how to write code for popular web based applications like Google's Alexa and Apple's Siri, Twitter,, E-Bay and more! With these real-world coding projects, students can become intermediate to advanced coders with the in-demand skills and essential experience for which companies and recruiters are looking. The mandatory coding projects and portfolios required by the camp help students to show they are not just aware of concepts but they know how to build and secure scalable applications - meeting every challenge to be innovative in this competitive industry!