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Taner Ali This was an amazing experience! I learned to code while I was in paradise on a small island in Thailand. While I was researching bootcamps, CodingNomads was one of the first ones I discovered and I kept coming back to it as I was researching others. It was the clear choice due to its curriculum (the fact that it was gonna be in an exotic destination was a bonus, of course), all other bootcamps focused more on front-end web development technologies, where core concepts in software development are never taught. The ones that did focus more on core software development were too expensive, sometimes more than twice as much as this one. Ryan (the instructor) was a great teacher and obviously has had a lot of experience in the field working as a software engineer in San Francisco for a very long time. The one thing I would strongly advise candidates that decide to join this course is to read the first 5-6 chapters of Java: A Beginner's Guide (the official guide by the developer of the Java language, Oracle) before arriving at the destination. It shouldn't take more than a week or two, but will make your learning experience much more effective. Also, Ryan, Kim (the business manager and his wife), and all the others from the course were awesome! We had a great time together!
Daniel Kapitanov Choosing to attend CodingNomads' course in Koh Tao, Thailand was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but it paid off completely! The teachers - Ryan and Kim are one of the most lovely people you'll ever meet and are always willing to go the extra mile for you and provide you with help and assistance for anything you might need. They make sure you have a great time not only in the classroom but also outside! Overall, the price to value ratio was amazing and the whole group learned an unbelievable amount of skills over the course of the 3 months. I was concerned that the environment might make it harder to study and concentrate, but it was actually the other way around, as the calm, sunny and beautiful atmosphere filled us with energy and helped us to work with motivation throughout the whole day. I definitely recommend!