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Anonymous Hello, I second the comments of many people before me. Instead of $11,000 NZD it is worth more like $5,000. I think a lot of people in EDA mean well, but results count, and EDA has very limited contacts as far as getting people a job is concerned. EDA's website says 86% of people that graduated more than 4 months ago are working as developers. Knowing my own cohert that was certainly not true. Out of approx 10 people, 2 got a job. EDA should publish the response rate of the survey. I think most people who haven't found gainful employment find it painful to answer the survey. The rest of the people are 'inactive'. They might be employed alright, but not in software development. I would caution against borrowing the $11,000. It is a lot of money to pay back especially if one can't get a job quickly enough. As with most things you get what you put in. If you decide to do it, I would suggest working hard. Half of my cohort were allowed to go through all the phases of bootcamp despite a severe lack of understanding and evidence to show they were working hard. In a project team, you'd be the only one who'd have knowledge on how to do the project. The rest of the people were just being dragged along. On the positive side, I saw teachers put in long hours, and I admire that they believe they can make a positive difference to the traditional education model. Yoga and meditation were alright. EDA is not NZQA certified. You don't get a degree, if that's important to you. Good luck :)