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Anonymous I attended the first Launchcode class in Portland, OR and was very excited to be accepted. The instructor was great and most of the “teaching fellows” were great also. My frustration came from two things primarily. One being that the curriculum was literally being developed (and sometimes changed) as we progressed. Maybe it’s me, but I believe if you’re going to do a professional training school like this the curriculum should be already done, tried and tested. The second most frustrating thing for me was the “dependency” on searching for answers on the internet. Some can do that inherently right off, others need to have it explained to them first to better understand so they can then search more easily for it and/or may possibly need help getting that thought process running to search for resources. Overall though I feel for the privilege I had to attend a coding school at no cost I came away with a wealth of knowledge that I will be able to turn into a new career. Great school with great people if you’re able to learn a good majority of the material on your own. Most of my help came from fellow students and I feel that if not for that and the support of a couple very dedicated teaching fellows I couldn’t have made it through. For two nights a week and no tuition it’s great. Would be even better if they can find ways to improve issues mentioned.