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Anonymous I'm a graduate of elevation academy bootcamp (finished December 2017, cohort number 6). Our instructors were Hadas, Brandon, and Omer. Still unemploye at this point. I feel that it's my duty to warn or at least share some insights about the bootcamp for people who are interested to spend $6000 (exactly 100$ per learning day, do the math) and 3 precious months of their life without an option to work during this time. Before I'll start, I must say: By the time that you read this, you might see many newer and generally positive reviews. That's probably because cohort 7 will be fully assembled by students who got scholarships from the Israeli governmental institute. Please have that in mind. It's different when you don't need to pay for it. Also, try to disregard old reviews. Prior to our cohort, Aaron was still there. Who's Aaron? Aaron is the soul behind the bootcamp. He created and developt the program and the main learning platform (a reading software, that we used to learn from, after each lecture). He also built elevation academy bootcamp's good reputation. Unfortunately, Aaron is not there anymore, and so does his energy and motivation to produce new developers. Hadas - At least 60% of the lessons were passed by Hadas. Hadas is an amazing programmer, but have 0 tutoring skills. She told us that she has been coding since she was 17. From the way she teaches, it's obvious that she forgot what is like to be ignorant of programming. She frequently got upset and had very little patience to analyze the person in front of her, to figure out his studying needs, and continually failed to find the best path to approach us as students. Also, she was obsessed with her phone. obsessed with checking her Facebook account / whats-app messages, ALL THE TIME. Even when a student called her, even when a student presented something to the entire class, and even during the Hackathon presentation! she constantly lingered to finish her things and actually do her freaking job, that she gets paid for. Many times it felt like a complete joke. Unlike many of the students, at the beginning of the boot-camp I still believed that although she is practically useless as a teacher, she is very nice, at least as a person. But as time passed by, I realized how disrespectful she was for our time, effort and money that we paid. the same money that paid her salary. Omer - again, Omer is a great programmer but lacks tutoring skills. Omer actually replaced another instructor that we had for 3 weeks, Steven. Steven was great because he really cared! After he left, Omer never really blended in, probably because of this reason and because he never was a teacher before. Brandon - Brandon is the exception of the entire boot-camp atmosphere. Brandon actually cared, had so much patience, and did everything in his power that we will finish it with the sharpest programming skills possible. unfortunately, Brandon was only 1 out of 3 instructors. Also, he wasn't there every Tuesday, so we actually got 1 less instructor than promised. With all my love to Brandon, and I truly do love him, he doesn't worth 100$ per day when his attention is divided among so many students. Adi - She is the manager of Elevation Academy. I personally tried to talk to her about these issues above, and others, since Day 1. She seemed so kind and caring when she sat with me and my fellow students, time after time. She promised to have a word with the instructors and even to come and sit in our class to see for herself what's going on and many other promises. N-O-T-H-I-N-G, and I repeat, nothing changed!!!!!! I personally believe she has amazing acting skills, as we repeatedly honestly believed, after each talk, that something will change. To conclude: this boot-camp worth is around 6000 shekels, not dollars. A third of what we paid, and not a shekel more. oh and help with job placement or connections to workplaces? forget about it. I strongly advise you to consider other places before committing to them.