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Mark Larsen I took the introductory course as well as the advanced course. When I joined the course I had a rough idea about what ML is and how it works. After taking the two courses I would say that I'm confident in my ability to at the very least design a e2e machine learning pipeline. The bookcamp is intensive and requires work, but is without a doubt still a joy to attend. Dhruv and Matt facilitate a learning environment where no questions are dumb (huge plus in a subject as complicated!) and discussions are encouraged. In my knowledge we all looked forward to the biweekly sessions, even if they are 3 hours long and straight after work till ~10pm, that in itself must speak to the skills of the instructors! The curriculum that was covered in the two courses started from basic things as logistic regression and went all the way to establishing a enterprise grade pipeline using AWS and Keras/Tensorflow, all things that are, at the time of writing, considered bleeding edge and industry relevant tools.