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Edward Weber I attended the July ‘17 class and had very high hopes going in. I’m going to start with the negatives but don’t stop reading before I highlight the positives. And remember that these are my opinions based on experience and observations. I really like the people who work at BOC and this review, by the end, will highlight how hard they are working to make sure every student, who wants to, will succeed. On day one we were informed that they parted ways with their full time instructor. After speaking to people from the previous class it seems like we dodged a bullet. Unfortunately because of the timin they weren’t able to hire a new instructor and it would hurt our class. The first 3 weeks we had the Director of Education teach us c#. She is a Microsoft certified instructor and was fantastic. The instructor issues started week 4 and would end up with 3 different instructors over 9 weeks, none of whom were very good teachers. Our teams we were split into fell apart, our main project that started week 3 and lasted until the end of the course wasn’t checked on throughout, and some students turned into toxic distractions. So before you run away and resign yourself to never starting a new career let me say that this program is about a year old and the session I attended is when they seemed to hit their biggest bumps in the road. I went back for some of the classes in the October session to sharpen up on skills and they had fixed every issue I ran into during my time there. It was night and day different. They listened to the feedback from their students and found a great instructor and turned everything around. Their career services are incredible. From resume building to prepping for interviews I couldn’t have asked for more. If you don’t leave prepared to nail interviews you didn’t put the effort in. And career services don’t end at graduation. I had some personal things going on and didn’t hit the job hunt hard until 8 weeks after graduating. Thanks largely to their help I had a job within a few weeks of starting my search. They have offered tutoring to graduates to help with interviews, they held a free workshop for unemployed graduates to sharpen their skills, they paid for unemployed graduates to attend Ohio Dev Fest so the students could network. The staff at BOC genuinely care about the people who go through this course and will do whatever they can to help you succeed, as long as you are putting in the same effort. The course itself takes you through .net development. You start with C# then go through HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery,, SQL, and some other high level lectures about things you’ll run into during your career. Your tuition covers all the books and a nice Lenovo Thinkpad laptop(i7, 16gb ram, win 10, SSD). The tuition is $12,500, which may seem like a lot for only 3 months, but if you really apply yourself during those 3 months you stand a good chance of having a career starting you out between $45-55k. By comparison my wife spent 3 years and close to $25k going to college to be a Cardiovascular Sonographer and makes about $40k/yr without working a ton of OT. So don’t worry as much about the money as the time investment. To really succeed you need to be able to dedicate your time to learning this material. The people in my class and the October class who did the best were the ones who focused on class and spent several hours per day at home reading the books and practicing their coding. If you can’t or won’t put everything into the class you will not feel like you got your money’s worth, but if you didn’t put everything into the class you only have yourself to blame, right? The curriculum is rough for some people and perfect for others. I’m not a read the textbook kind of learner, so I wasn’t a fan of the curriculum, but due to the instructor issues in our class several students used the curriculum to self teach and really did well. The new instructor makes the curriculum easier to digest so I wouldn’t worry too much about it now. So would I recommend this course to someone? Yes, provided they can dedicate 40hrs a week to class and at least another 20-30hrs of home study. Do you need to know anything about coding before this? No, one of the best students from my class was a music teacher before attending. He put in more effort than should humanly be possible and really rose above the rest of the class. I will say if you are considering BOC, start learning c# and Object Oriented Programming now. There are lots of video series on YouTube and you’ll really give yourself a valuable head start going in. In summary, BOC is a young program, and the staff has continued to learn from past mistakes. In my opinion they continue to improve the program to ensure that if you attend, and put in the effort, you will be successful. If you’re considering attending write down questions you have based on reviews you’ve read. Don’t be afraid to ask them hard questions about past bad reviews, there are several and some are fair, some are bitter people who didn’t put in the effort and felt entitled to a new career just for paying tuition. But you won’t know until you contact them and ask, knowing the people in the office I believe they will give you honest answers to your questions and if you feel comfortable with their replies and you’re ready to make a change in your life AND you will put in a lot of effort BOC will help you get to where you want to be.