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Anonymous The pros of being a student at New York Code + Design Academy is that you're constantly learning something new everyday. Also a huge plus is that you get to be in a friendly environment where people are willing to help out at any time. The con about being a student is that sometimes when you're trying to learn and things aren't going your way it can be very upsetting and sometimes you feel like you will never grasp it.
George Dong I attended this course with the motivation of some new opportunities. I met professionally excellent staff there. They were expert, patient, and kind. They didn't just let you what it is. They let you know how to know what it is. It's like they gave a key. With it, you would be able to open variety of doors to new worlds. Thank you, and be greater, NYCDA!
Anonymous My experience with NYCDA was mostly positive. I had been studying code on my own, and realized I needed a boost, so I sought out coding bootcamps. Most were extremely cost prohibitive, but NYCDA offered an Income Share Agreement: That is, you only start paying for their service if you find a job that pays you more than $40k/year. The quality of the instruction was so much higher than I could have imagined. Our teacher was fantastic. He was extremely intelligent, organized, caring and focused. You could tell that he had prepared each lesson thoroughly, which is very important when you are cramming a week worth of learning into a single day. The cohort learned rapidly in a really safe environment. Simultaneously, a success coach would check in with our progress and offer valuable encouragement and advice. They continue to be resources for everyone in the class. I expected the company to be interested in finding work for all of the graduates, but this is NYCDAs biggest weakness. There was only one person working as a liaison between the students and companies hiring in our community, and he isn't effective. None of our cohort has been hired yet, partially due to being mislead by this liaison. If you want to rapidly build web development skills, NYCDA is an amazing choice. But it isn't anywhere near as effective as other coding bootcamps at getting you a job.