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Andrew F I was originally pursuing a career outside of software engineering but later realised how interested and passionate I was about technology, specifically software. Because of this I looked into ways of re-skilling in software development. Whilst looking at my options I found Constructor Labs. When evaluating the many coding bootcamps, I was mainly concerned with the culture of the schools, the technologies they were teaching and just how "industry relevant" their programmes were. Since joining Constructor Labs, I couldn't be more impressed. The course has a very open and supportive culture, fostered by both Dmitri and his teaching staff. It encourages curiosity and makes one feel very comfortable querying concepts they aren't familiar with. The class size is just right and there is a feeling of closeness between the cohort - we're not just a number! In terms of content, Constructor Labs most impressed me with the incorporation of the latest industry trends. The curriculum is "in touch" with the industry and is focussed on teaching the most sought after technologies and development methods - no short-cuts or quick fixes. This "real" industry touch is really inspiring as a student, as you have a great insight into what to expect from the industry when you graduate and more importantly you feel equipped for the challenge. This is further enhanced by regular visits from professional software engineers who share their experiences and tips. In summary, I've personally really enjoyed my time at Constructor Labs and couldn't recommend it enough to any aspiring software engineer!