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Daniel Gill I took the Function Camp course early last year. I had no experience with coding and did not know what to expect. The course is very well sourced and easy to follow and you are allowed to go at your own pace as long as you let someone know if you get stuck. There are lots of good external resources beyond the core materials as well as cheat/tip sheets put together by the Function Camp staff. The staff are helpful and give clear, useful advice. They are always available to talk you through problems if they occur, whether it's just a quick chat on Slack or a more in depth call. The practice modules can be a little tricky at times but are good ways to apply what you've learnt and good ways to learn the more difficult to teach skills you'll need in the future (tip: learn how Google works!). I would highly recommend the course to someone who is interested in tech but hasn't got much or any experience, as you are taught more fundamental skills and core knowledge as well as learning to write JS. Function Camp offers a good broad strokes explanation of how to code, some more generic coding skills that will help you if you pursue a career in the ever changing tech industry, as well as a good understanding of modern JS that will help you in the short term. There is room to improve as the course is still quite new, but those involved are receptive to new ideas and new tech so I'm confident it will only get better with time.