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Gillian Whitehead The course is very intensive so if you're prepared to be a full-stack developer in a few months it's for you! I have found it a brilliant way to learn because it's non-stop learning everyday. The resources are great and there are mini-projects at every stage so you get the opportunity to put what you've learnt to the challenge, but it also means that you are producing code and have something to show for what you've learnt which is really rewarding. The tutors are fantastic, they not only are on-hand for help when you ask for it but you constantly get tips, feedback and words of encouragement from them all the way through. The course itself is very clear and well explained so you always know what the next step is and how to get there. It's also very accessible to people who have no previous tech experience (like I didn't) which I think is a massive selling point. They have you building interactive websites and writing Javascript, React and Redux in no time! Would recommend to anyone looking to pursue a career in programming.
Alex The course teaches the latest tech, these guys taught me the skills that are sought after right now. The course material is great and very accessible, and the tutors were always there to help me whenever I needed the extra assistance. The tutors gave me as much time as I needed and really taught me the key skills in becoming a developer, not just in writing code but in the way the software workplace operates. The tutors are also super friendly and helpful, and even though I was working remotely I always felt supported throughout the process. At the end of the course the practice exercises were so close to the work I’m doing in the real world, they gave me a huge head start!