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I know there are other Insight fellows lurking around but I'll bite. I'm currently a fellow in the Health Data program in Boston. It's a seven week program. There are no "classes" as part of the program, it's mostly small workshops and peer-to-peer learning. This model worked great for me, I learned a lot from my fellow fellows. More that I anticipated learning. By in large, though, the biggest thing about the program is the network you build. Insight has connections to local area companies and can put you in front of the right people when it comes time to look for a job. Many companies in Boston have Insight fellows working for them, so it is a self-reinforcing processing. Most fellows would say that it's intense. Week 1 is spent brainstorming project ideas ,finding data, and presenting your project idea at the end of the week. Week 2 is spend implementing your project (which probably includes a web app), and to deliver a minimally viable project by the end of the week. Week 3 is spent doing more tweaking of your project, with the deliverable being your final product. Week 4 is spent practicing your presentation of your project (which you will present to companies). Weeks 5-7 are spent demoing your project at companies and prepping for interviews. Weeks 7+ are when you start to get calls back for interviews. So yes, it's fast and intense. In terms of the too good to be true bit: I can speak from my own experience in my cohort. We have 18 people in our cohort, and we are a little under two months out from the "official" end of the program. 11 fellows have been placed at companies so far, with a 12th most likely on their way out. In terms of job searching, that's pretty rapid pace from unemployment to employment. I'm still looking, but the program directors continue to advocate for me at companies they have connections with (I have an interview Friday, actually). You are a fellow till you are employed, technically. Even though the program officially ended, most people kept coming back to the office for studying and practice. I feel very supported, and I feel certain that those of us left will find jobs at least within the next 6-8 months. I don't know how accurate the 100% placement rate statistic is, but given what I've seen, I really have nothing bad to say about the program. I'm glad I did it.
Ken Soong As a 2014 Insight Fellow, Insight is fantastic and I don't say that lightly. The two best things I gained through Insight are: an instant network of new data scientists at top tech companies who are bright, enthusiastic, and hard-working, many of whom I'm still in contact with today open doors to any tech company through Insight's reputation (including my current position) If you're considering applying for Insight, I strongly recommend it. Even coming out of Stanford with a Physics Ph.D (one of the most desired majors for data scientists), I don't think I would've been able to break through from academia to industry on my own. Insight is an incredible resource for those trying to make that transition. TL;DR show up, work hard, make a bunch of friends, get a job