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Eric Having desired to make a move to switch up my career path to web development I had been researching educational options online. There are plenty of self-taught methods available from books to videos, but I needed something with a structure and a timeline (two paces to choose from) at a price point that seemed worth while - Firehose Project is that and more. Well laid out lessons, challenges, projects, links to guides, forums, and especially the regularly scheduled live mentor sessions combine to make learning the Ruby stack immersive and fun. From consultation, learning the fundamentals, general admin support (if even needed), project forums and the slack community there is a ton of great support to help guide your way. I highly recommend Firehose Project to anyone interested in learning web development. I am confident that the training I am receiving and the knowledge that I am gaining will assist in making a well rounded developer from my first interview through my next stack.
Anonymous Honestly, I don't see any cons in this program. On the contrary, I found only pros in it. It is self-explanatory and easy to deal with, not to mention the useful information it contains.
Anonymous I'm just over a month into the Firehose Project and I'm loving it! Here's why: (1) Real-life Projects from Day One: from the get, we're building useful applications and learning frameworks as we go along. It seems counter-intuitive, but by the time you see HOW code works, you're better able to understand WHY it works. (2) Regular Mentoring from Experts: this is my favorite aspect of the bootcamp. You have your own personal cheerleader with whom you can be as confused as you wish (lol) and they help you out of it, explain stuff and point you to more learning resources. I don't have to chase the proverbial rabbit down every StackExchange hole; I learn what I can and leave the really obtuse stuff for my mentoring sessions. (3) Tree-like Layout of Course Objectives: the course is not entirely linear, which I like. It allows me to pick and choose what to focus on at any given time. If I wish to continue building an app, sure. Rather spend the day watching instructional videos? Yup. Prefer to tackle coding challenges? Bring 'em on. Yes, the course is structured, but it's not stifling. I'll be sure to update this review once I'm done with the bootcamp.