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Bryan Jimenez I have completed seven weeks of the Accelerated Full Stack Web Development, and I believe joining the Firehose project was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The program is very well designed. We begin learning web development basics and soon transition to rapid development with Ruby on Rails. I have enjoyed learning Ruby on Rails since the language itself allows you to grasp more experience than any other language in a given period. The flexibility of Rails combined with the lessons allowed me to create web apps in the first week. The program also includes computer science fundamentals such as data structures. This truly separates the Firehose project from other boot camps and any other MOOC. I can't stress enough the importance of learning how to think like a software engineer. It is imperative to understand and implement the best practices available. This kind of guidance is provided by every weekly mentor session, and the unconditional support of Ken and the firehose community. The boot camp will provide the guidance you need to build different web applications, test driven development, and agile development. You will be taught how to think and apply these lessons in real-world situations by completing a set of challenges and quizzes. I've had the opportunity to engage with the support team, and I've always received all the help I need to make my apps work. All in all, I have had a remarkable learning experience, and I regret delaying this experience for a few months. I recommend the Firehose project to people who would like to switch into a more rewarding career such as Software Engineering, for entrepreneurs who want to make their ideas come true and deploy their web apps and for anyone with the desire to learn to code professionally.