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Anonymous The Firehose Project is leading the pack of coding Boot Camps! The platform is entirely online, allowing individuals in the midst of a career change to balance their current employment and personal obligation with professional growth. Despite being entirely online, I feel deeply connected to my fellow students and wider Firehose community. From the very beginning, Firehose has been extremely responsive in a timely manner allowing me to keep pace with my studies and build my confidence as I develop new skills. However, the absolute best aspect of Firehose is the 1:1 experience with my mentor. Firehose has optimized the algorithm for pairing students with the perfect mentor. The individual attention and support of my mentor creates a curriculum that is perfectly tailored to my way of learning and gives me exactly the support I need when I need it. While I've never attended an onsite bootcamp, I can't imagine that the 1:1 attention of an onsite can equal that of what I receive from my mentor. Plus, I'm a working adult. I need to be able to set a schedule that works in tandem with my day-to-day responsibilities. Some days coding needs to happen at 5am and other days at 11pm. Firehose gives me this flexibility while always providing timely feedback and support. If I do start to feel really overwhelmed, I also have options to roll back to a part-time program or pause my program for a week or two to give me time to breathe and catch up. For newbies, the learning curve is going to be steep. If you're committed and willing to put in the work, Firehose won't disappoint.