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Olena This immersive course will be good for beginners and people with non-tech background. For those, who are interested in building full-stack applications from scratch, deep understanding how it works and implementing those skills for getting first developer job, Constructor Labs offer well-structured syllabus from basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to highly appreciated React and Redux. Full time classes involve a lot of practice and exercises, weekend projects, demos, so by the end of the 3 months students develop required skills as well as decent number of projects for the portfolio. In addition, pair programming and team work using Git, Agile methodologies prepare future developers for real life work. I would recommend the course for people who eager to get a developer role, but feel like they need a support on this path. Constructor Labs will exceed your expectations.
Eugene I attended the first Constructor Labs cohort and my overall experience was extremely positive. The program itself is quite intense, but the outcomes are truly amazing. Syllabus created by Dmitri was designed to expose students to most of the popular javascript frameworks and skill sets that prepare us well to meet the demand of the current tech’s job market. Dmitri and his teaching stuff are absolutely great people with very strong technical skills and experiences that provide great mentorships. The career support is awesome. I was given help with my resume and advice on preparing for interviews. I would strongly recommend Constructor Labs to anyone passionate about becoming a full stack software developer and willing to put in the effort to make it happen.