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Anonymous I graduated from the November 2017 Fulltime Web Development Intensive cohort in New York and found it extremely disappointing and did not feel anywhere ready or qualified to find a job in the field. The application process was ridiculously easy compared to other bootcamps. This should serve as a big red flag. They will also tell you whatever you want to hear, true or not. The curriculum of primarily Ruby on Rails is outdated by probably 3 years, which in tech is a lifetime. The industry and job market mostly requires Javascript or some expertise in it. You only learn the basics for 1 to 2 weeks here. The more ambitious students in my cohort were learning Javascript and its different frameworks (mostly React) concurrently with Ruby and Rails. That's great but still why not just teach Javascript? They do have a part-time Javscript and React course oddly enough. They also recently raised the tuition without changing the curriculum. The instructor, Cam Crews, was very knowledgeable and helpful and you can learn a lot from him if you were inquisitive and had an idea what you wanted to do. But probably 95% of this course is learning on your own and asking questions if you have any idea of what to ask. Career services is virtually nonexistent. They decided to outsource career services to a site called Boost ( which is a virtual career coach. Outside of that you meet with career services or outcomes basically just 2 or 3 times over 12 weeks and all they really care about is if you're completing your projects (it does not take a lot to complete projects and graduate). After graduation they follow up with you but it's more or less just stuff like reviewing your resume and portfolio. These are things that should have been done while we were taking the course, not after. There was zero career or interview preparation provided during the course. And they make it clear that they do not help find jobs. Final thoughts: They only care about your money. Do not be fooled by the sales pitch. Research the industry and job postings for what skills and languages are in demand then find an appropriate bootcamp.