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Steven Lee I really loved building Legos as a kid. So in early 2017, I decided to take the plunge and leave my job working in marketing and digital media to become a web developer. I was really intimidated at the beginning -- there were a couple of guys in the class that were getting the material almost immediately. But after spending some time working through programming principles with OCCS I was able to be confident in my abilities. The best thing about OCCS is that they don't just give you the answers -- after years of traditional schools I was accustomed to getting answers to questions I had -- and they taught me HOW to get the answers myself. It was a philosophical shift for me, but one that made me the developer I am today. It pushes me to constantly learn new technologies -- which I am leveraging in my current job building websites for the NFL! I can't talk enough about what OCCS offered me -- a chance for a new career and new ways of thinking. Everyday I get to go to work and build metaphorical Legos on a computer... and be well compensated for it!