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Anna Overall: Constructor Labs is a perfect course for those who are passionate about coding and want to move to Software Developments as a career. It introduces concepts essential in Full Stack environment in a comprehensive manner. It also gives students space to experiment and try out different approaches to solve the challenges. Dmitri is a great tutor; patient, knowledgeable, and able to tailor the explanation to the listener. The graduates exit with skills and knowledge that are highly in demand. Job prospects: There is a shortage of React/Redux developers; many organisations want to use these technologies to provide their users with excellent experience. As such, Constructor Labs graduates will be in high demand and shouldn't find it too difficult to land their first job. Within 6 weeks of graduation (and 4 weeks of active job searching), I had two offers (I was headhunted for one, and applied directly to the other). Course content: The Constructor Labs website has the syllabus, so rather than listing everything here again, I will say that I found the course content to be progressive (concepts build upon one another) and comprehensive (introduces all key parts of Full Stack). The course is fast-paced but offers strong support and coaching if someone is struggling with a particular concept. It is also reactive; weekly retrospectives can trigger schedule changes and extra sessions to recap concepts that many find confusing. Every Friday the students are given a challenge to complete over the weekend. The challenges vary from week to week and rely on the knowledge acquired so far during the course. What is worth noting that although everyone receives the same set of core specifications, the implementation depends on the individual. As such, the projects differ from one another (rather than being the same from following the same step-by-step instructions) and enable students to learn from each other (someone might use fancy effects, someone else have a D3 graph…). There are two group projects: a short one (1 week) and a long one (2 weeks). The objective of both is to, in a small group (4-5 students), make an app / website from scratch. The students put into practice what they have learned so far, and get some practice with modern development techniques and practices such as Agile, Kanban, XP, stand-ups, MVP, pair-programming (each team picks what works best for them). The long project is presented to a small audience at the end of the course. Help with job search: Throughout the course we had visits from developers from local organisations; they talked about the work they have done recently, and what sort of work one can expect from their organisation (eg consultancy vs FT). We were given a lot of support with writing our CVs and cover letters. We were also given a list of opportunities and contacts for various organisations across London.