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Gareth Kloeden I came to Origin Code Academy with some experience in web development and a non-existent network in San Diego. Three months later I left with a full plate of modern JavaScript skills, several talented developer friends, connections in the tech scene, and an offer for a kickass front-end job. It's no exaggeration to say that Origin changed my life by giving me the skills and network needed to succeed as a developer. There are too many positive aspects to Origin's program to list them all, but here's a few - the curriculum teaches what aspiring web developers need to know in 2018; the instructors and staff are all highly knowledgeable, talented, friendly, and helpful; it's a known (and respected) quantity in the San Diego tech market; and the career counselling support is second-to-none. The last point is perhaps Origin's biggest strength. There is a dedicated career counselor and his sole job is to get you a job. You'll get loads of help with your resume, cover letters, finding jobs, making yourself stand out among applicants, etc. And when you've landed an interview, the instructors are happy to step in and help you prepare for technical questions and challenges. My experience is proof of the quality of Origin's services - it took me less than two weeks to find a very good full-time developer position after graduating the program. If you are looking for a coding bootcamp in San Diego, I can't recommend Origin Code Academy enough. Be prepared to work really, really hard - coding is really hard and learning it is really hard. Be prepared to come in to Origin's office every day and stay all day. Be prepared to bang your head against the wall and get frustrated, and then have it all be worth it when your code finally works. Be prepared to be surrounded by awesome people who are passionate about web development and building cool stuff. If you dedicate the time and brainpower it takes to succeed at Origin, you will leave well-prepared for a career in development. Conversely, if you go in expecting an easy ticket to a high-paying career and don't put the work in, you'll probably fail and call it a scam. That's not Origin's fault - be prepared to take personal responsibility for your education and hold yourself accountable. It's called a bootcamp for a reason. There is one unfortunate negative about Origin: the free coffee sucks. Luckily, there's two pretty good coffee shops within a block of its wonderful downtown location. If you are serious about starting a career in development and aren't afraid to work your ass off to get it, then Origin Code Academy is the place for you.