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Edna Jonsson I attended the UCF Boot Camp in 2016, graduating at the end of September 2016. The curriculum is challenging, but doable, as long as you keep engaged and keep chipping away at it. That's how you grow, you challenge yourself. Everyone was very supportive, the teacher, the TA's, the Student Success Manager and the Career Director. They not only helped to learn the material, but also helped the students in learning about professionalism in the field, how stand ups and agile methodology works and helped review my portfolio and resume. They give you the tools you need to not just land a job, but to start a new career. The content of the curriculum they deliver has been tested, improved upon and it's probably 10 times better now than it was when I took the course. I landed a software engineering role at a major insurance company two months after graduating from the boot camp. I most definitely recommend this program.