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Charmaine Foo I have learnt a lot about programming even though it was only the intro module. The lessons initially was quite a breeze as there were quite a bit of hand holding. The content was delivered mainly through text but if you are a visual learner, there are always the videos that you can go back and refer to. The units and assignments will get more challenging towards the end but there is always help available by the teaching assistants, whom I have found to have had a significant impact on my learning. They are usually either graduates from a few batches before and they bring with them valuable insights to becoming an effective web developer. There are also classmates with whom you can work alongside with online. All my classmates are very nice people and we will usually give feedback or comments on each other's assignments. As such, I have never felt "alone" even though it is an online course. There are also webinar sessions where the teaching assistants will go through our assignments together with my peers or get us to partake in fun programming games. In short, you have to be mentally prepared to fully commit yourself to the course as it can get pretty intensive and time consuming but it will be worth it in the end! :)