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Matthew Jones I'm going to give you a 100% honest review of this school, not from the perspective of a someone who failed and gave up, but from the perspective of failing, and then getting in. DO NOT COPY.....without understanding. That is THE Biggest thing I can tell you to help you through this entire program, even the Piscine. THE PISCINE Is just as brutal as they let it on to be. You are constantly bombarded with projects and tasks, and honestly, the purpose of this is to get you accustomed to a routine of intensive programming, problem solving, and self evaluation. You WILL Fail multiple days from their Very rigorous testing software. They want you to develop accurate, and real world testing. The norm and the way the code is built is difficult, not going to sugarcoat it. It almost seems pointless, but as the course suggests, you do research and you find out that other companies have norms and software writing standards. The norm here is INTENTIONALLY OVERLY Complicated to train you do be able to adapt to any software architecture. This is painfully obvious, and anyone complaining about anything I have said so far, does not posess the courage. This is just the Piscine. I failed once and came back two months later after seriously studying and caring, and got in. CADET LIFE (FULL PROGRAM) Not easier as far as project difficulties AT ALL, in fact, the only thing that is easy, is that they ease up and you only have to maintain a level a month (1-2 projects every month) and 35 hours lab time minimum. The project tree is extensive, and every previous project builds on the latter in magnificent ways. The way you learn here, makes you really question why this costs hundreds of thousands of dollars elsewhere. Typical schooling here IN America teaches you to skim and find an answer, NOT actually understand why the answers is what it is. 42 DOES THIS AND EXCELS. THE DORMS This is the only time you'll hear me reference this in this posting, but you get what you pay for with the dorms lol. Our maintence man isn't the best at all, I still have an AC that hasn't been fixed, but I had to man up an get a fan. Don't come here to get babies, come here to actually learn and push through to get to the goal. 99% of people who get to level 9, or last for 8+ months, get jobs. And I means everyone. Someone in my first Piscine just got a job at a 3D audio company, and that's just one of many. He has been here for 5 months and has no degree, just the thirst for knowledge. Come here to learn and grow. Then you will succeed without a doubt!