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Shaikh Mohammad Shoeb The Hacking School Coding bootcamp is a place where anyone can learn how to can learn how to work with a team and how to work on big projects.and if you are new to coding no need to wory because the instructors are very excellent, they will teach you from every basic thing and will make you a professional. The atmosphere is very awesome. The placement assistance is very good.if anyone want to be a full stack web developer then this is the place for them. And if you want a good placement you should join this BootCamp.
Nitin Patel I attended the full stack web development bootcamp here from Apr 2018 to Jun 2018. It was about three months long. Here's my review of it. There are two things two look for when you're looking for a coding bootcamp to attend. First is how well they teach and second is job assistance (that is if you're looking to get hired after the bootcamp). The Hacking School scores highly on both counts. It is sort of a learning fast-track. What would normally take a year or two to learn takes you about 3 months. This is the result of great mentoring, motivation and peers. The organization tries makes sure you will get the best possible job after the bootcamp. So, in this count also it does a great job. Most of the companies that come here for interview are local companies in Hyderabad, if you're looking to get hired in some other city then it will be a bit tougher. Although, this is changing as in the future there will probably be more companies hiring from the bootcamp.