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Ben Herring I never knew what I wanted to do when I was going through school. I only did A-levels so I could buy myself a couple more years. After that I went from job to job and travelled a bit inbetween, but I was still looking for something to make a career from. I came across coding. I tried to find some college courses with no luck, then I discovered Le Wagon. I couldn’t find a single bad review of the bootcamp, which I thought was strange to start with (however in time I realised there was a reason for that!), so I thought that it was the definite choice. Le Wagon is intense, which is made very clear to you beforehand, however it’s worth it. The course is 9 weeks and project focused, with the last 3 weeks creating an airbnb clone and a project of your choice, where you use all the skills you’ve learned within the first 6 weeks. Day to day, the setup of the course is awesome, with a lecture first thing, then coding challenges going over the lecture topic, and then live code in the afternoon. All the staff at Le Wagon are always super helpful and on hand as they’ve been in our shoes before, which is reassuring when you’re having trouble understanding something. I would definitely recommend Le Wagon to anyone who is interested in coding. Best decision I made. Le Wagon London is where it’s at.