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William Patten I had a really great experience with Kickstart Coding, I can't recommend it highly enough. Kickstart Coding is the brainchild of Michael Bethencourt who came from a career in software engineering to pursue his passion for teaching. He clearly loves what he does and is a naturally talented instructor. The bootcamp is four months long and the curriculum is split between front end and back end engineering. The individual classes throughout each week were typically about 3.5 hours long and highly focused on a particular aspect of a larger theme or language. The class structure was pretty typical: a short lecture followed by exercises to test out your understanding; another short lecture followed by corresponding exercises; etc etc. What made the experience so enjoyable was that Michael was a very charismatic, well-versed, and empathetic teacher. It was clearly important to him that the class be very inclusive and cohesive, and he was very prompt to respond to questions or problems that we inevitably ran into along the way. Overall a great experience, I don't see how you could do better.