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Cindy Dovinh Kickstart Coding could not have been more aptly named and the schedule/format of the class could not have fit my needs better. With my full-time, non-tech job demanding a minimum of 50-60 hrs per week, I still looked forward to every class (2 weekday evenings and Saturday afternoon, each week). Michael is hands down the best teacher I've ever had. He is an expert at what he does, with an impressively VAST knowledege base and still managed to consistently make you feel comfortable in your learning. Being introduced to so much new information and new ways of thinking, he was always able to answer our questions thoroughly, even though at times, we didn't even know how to ask them. I have never met a teacher that so clearly enjoys what he does, is fully and exceptionally competent, and shares his love and knowledge of coding with such empathy, compassion, respect, and patience. The demos, activities, quizzes, and homework we received were all very well put together and consistently challenging. So much good material is provided and I've already revisited many of the activities since then. You're really provided with a variety of tools and new skills to continue learning to code and feeling accomplished and successful. Kickstart Coding is definitely a huge time commitment, and I personally found balancing full-time (and completely unrelated) work with classes along with homework overwhelming at times, but this was not a surprise as Michael made this very clear even in the interview process. But it is possible and once the course ends, the learning and the support doesn't. The price for Kickstart Coding is extremely fair and it's truly meant to allow more people access to learning.