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Karl Rodulfo I am graduate of the Software Engineering Intensive June 2018 program. Because of this program, I was able to successfully pivot careers and get a Front End Engineer position a month after completion with zero past coding experience. What I love most about NYCDA is the community, which is perhaps the most important asset you can have as someone new to tech. It's a very laid-back yet still incredibly ambitious and dedicated group of people at NYCDA. You will not only have a classroom of people going through the same thing as you, you will also have a staff of people dedicated to your success. My success coach, Sam Lubin, was very much invested in our learning and post-program success. Sam provided critical feedback on my resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and portfolios. Perhaps most importantly, he sat down with me to do mock interviews which really, really prepared me for real-life interviews (so much so that in real interviews, I was even being asked the same questions that he prepped me for). He was such an invaluable resource - even providing answers to questions such as, "what should I wear to this interview," or, "how should I reply to this recruiter." I attribute a lot of my post-program success -- getting and nailing interviews -- because of his assistance. My instructor, Michael Lawrence, was a fantastic teacher. He is a self-taught programmer, so he provided a number of helpful insights on processes to best learn. Moreover, he taught us many things off curriculum that you probably wouldn't be able to learn otherwise on your own. He made programming very accessible and his teaching style really helped me nail down the technical part of coding. The program itself was very regimented and project-focused, which was a really great way to for me to learn and develop my skills as a programmer. If you really dedicate your time and effort, you will walk away with a really great portfolio of projects which will help you land that next career. I wish I would've done this sooner. I was reluctant at first to make the foray into an intimidating and new industry, but NYCDA really made it possible. tldr; Recommend. 10/10. A++. Would do again.