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Patrick Vargos When taking prep courses for a few other bootcamps in Chicago, I felt that I was just another number in the system. I’ve always had a passion for travel, and this led me to search for bootcamps abroad. After finding codingNomads, I reached out for more information and was immediately put in contact with Kim and Ryan, who were more than helpful! They were extremely flexible with setting up times to talk about the course, and answered any questions I had. This was a common theme once I was enrolled as well. CodingNomads personalized support is unmatched! I decided to join the program, and packed my bags for Barcelona. I was greeted the first night by our instructors, Caden and Martin, and they could not have been more hospitable.They set up a welcome dinner for the entire class, which was a great way to start the course. Even more impressive than how incredibly nice both of them were, was how knowledgeable they were. The course was fast paced and can be rigorous at times, but they were there everyday to make sure no one was left behind. It was by no means easy, but with their help it was more than doable. I would never have imagined learning as much as I did while enrolled in this course. Lastly, the people (both students and instructors) in the course were a blessing I never anticipated. I went there to learn to code, which I did, but during that time I also gained a group of friends that I plan on staying in contact with forever. We hiked the coast of Northern Spain, ate tapas on Friday nights after class, even enrolled in exercise classes together. Now everyone in our course is back at home(U.S., Denmark, Saudi Arabia, just to name a few), but we still have weekly video calls to help one another out with code, or sometimes just for friendly checkins.