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Robert A big fat pro for this bootcamp is the location. Obviously, learning how to code in a paradise like Bali is pretty cool. But additional to that, for me being out of my daily environment really helped me stay focused. Since I was so far away from my colleagues, friends and family (Netherlands) and we lived in different time-zones, I didn't get any distraction other then what I consciously chose. For me that meant long productive days during the week. The weekends I went out to explore the Island, which obviously is a good way of relaxing and getting energized again for the next, productive, week. Another big fat pro are the instructors. Martin and Caden are awesome. They will give you everything they have, with all their energy. Where needed they will adjust the program to your needs and supply you with additional materials. They know a lot! And when your interests take you places they don't know, they will explore it with you. Also besides class, we had a lot of fun. Having dinners or drinks together, exploring the area or playing some card games. They were always up for something. Also Roy, the instructor of the Java course should be mentioned here. Three awesome guys. The organization and contact with Kim and Ryan also went smoothly. They set the right expectations, help you get settled in and are very much open for feedback. They will do anything in their power to make this the best possible experience for you. Thanks! Ryan and Kim will also give you job support. I didn't need it, since I was already employed while during the course, but of what I saw was I would say it is worth 5 stars. They will give you very practical advice like how to set up your resume, but will also practice 1-on-1 or whiteboard interviews. Good stuff! If you are looking for a course where you will master all the general Python skills and get a good general understanding of Web-development, look no further. After the course you are able to build pretty neat web-applications and throw them on the internet, accessible to anyone. Just one small disclaimer: you are going to get just as much out of this bootcamp as you are willing to put in it. The work will not happen by itself, and they will not come and drag you to class. That, obviously, is your responsibility! :)