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Laura I just finished the Python Bootcamp in Barcelona and highly recommend Coding Nomads. As an experienced data analyst, I figured Python was a good next step towards data science (plus I wanted to travel!) - now I feel confident this was the right step for me! Our instructors, Martin and Caden, were not only knowledgeable but so supportive, they were willing to adjust based on each of our needs and I truly felt that they cared for our success. I see them more as mentors now, which is awesome to have this relationship. The group was also very inspiring to me - most of us coming from different paths but determined to learn Python. We had a lot of fun together on our weekend outings, developed a "team" feeling and I have learned something from every person! I just wish I could do it all over again with their next course - Python & Java side-by-side training sounds like best of both worlds!