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Jack Shulman This was an amazing camp. I learned so much and i had a great time. It was specific to each person and the teacher would focus on us individually. Also, it really helped me with my school because I’m in engineeering and therefore it gave me something most of my friends don’t know how to do. I really enjoyed it and had a great time and would do it again! I would recommend doing this if your into coding and want to gain more skills with Java.
Anonymous This class equipped me with the important skills and tools that are essential to being successful in my future career. I was extremely satisfied with my experience at Nextgen's course and I would recommend it to all those who are looking to learn Java.
Anonymous Nextgen boot camp gives an organized and focused class with high qualtiy teachers and curriculum. I greatly enjoyed my experience and feel that it was a productive experience. At the end of the 8 week summer program I felt extremely confident in everything I learned. I strongly recommend this class to anyone looking to be comfortable and confident in their computer science skills.
Corey Feldman The course was a great experience. I learned more then I ever have in this program. The teachers were extremely nice and always willing to help out! The course materials were clearly well-prepared and the speed of the course was perfect!
Noam Lipschutz I can honestly say I learned more useful modeling and excel skills from the Financial Modeling Bootcamp then I have through one and a half years of business school. The course effectively conveys key finance, corporate finance, and financial accounting concepts while also offering students the opportunity to build real financial models with real-time data. The 7:1 student to teacher ratio along with the experience and modeling expertise of Mourad offers a unique opportunity for a personalized learning experience. Whether you are a student looking to pursue a career in finance or a current professional simply looking to brush up on your Excel skills, I would highly recommend this course.